Thursday, 4 December 2014

It's a wash out that will soon freeze.

Well we have had a really rainy November, JPa's last visit to the Outside Classroom although good fun and productive we had to hop over the puddles. The ground was water logged and somewhat spongy. December has greeted us with marginally dryer weather, but much lower temperatures so between the OC being reclassified as a swamp for a while and the students being happy (for a change haha) to arrive at school and be inside and warm JPa have not gone out for a fair few days.

Luckily for us we have onions and garlic growing and they do not require our attention, and will happily grow without a visit from JPa.

In the Classroom and around the school we are now feeling the pressure and excitement of the festive season approaching and I seem to have a hive of activity around me. From getting sugar paste cake decorations made and cake boards sorted for the year 8 yule log's and trying to see if we can fit in a Christmas cook for the other year groups. I have admit finding out we only had two weeks left of school took me by surprise. Which was of course bitter sweet, I panicked thinking 'how will I get everything done' and then I happily thought 'Oh that means its nearly Christmas time'.

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