Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dreams of a snowball fight

Well JPA have not been out to the garden in a while, the weather just has not been nice enough. I must admit, the prospect of walking through the mud with the rain coming down has not given me much encouragement. The students are still eager to get out there though, on rainy days they say "we don't mind getting wet and muddy" with a big cheeky grin, nothing seems to put them off.

Today we managed a tutor time visit to the OC, it was cold and muddy, but we made it. The foot path that leads to the garden was flooded. So whilst avoiding the puddles (or rivers!) out we went. Spades, forks and trowels in hand.

We got out there, worked hard and gave it a good effort. We are still keeping the weeds down in our bed around are crops (onions and garlic) and clearing the large gravelled area around the plots,

All through December and now into the new year we keep hearing the dreaded subject, snow! The students asking "if it snows, can we go in the garden?" followed by the  promise "we won't throw snowballs" (like we believe that one!).

Well we remain firm that the last thing we want to do on a snowy day is to go out to the garden with 26 excited students, but 8JPa are still trying to convince us otherwise. Watch this space, and send us your strength to help us say no if the snow does come.

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