Monday, 20 April 2015

suspicious activities in the onion crop

Well the onions and garlic are coming along really well, nearly all the plants are over a foot tall! They are looking so good in fact that we have a garlic thief. One morning The tutor group went out to the garden to find two of our garlic plants neatly dug up. I would like to think that it was an animal digging them up for food but sadly the edges of the holes looked too clean to be made by anything other than a spade or trowel. Admittedly we were upset, but knowing that the garlic is no where near ready to harvest we thought this would be the end of the problem (surely no one would dig up a garlic bulb that has yet to 'heart up' and actually form a bulb). We were mistaken, a few days later two more plants have gone.

We have no way of knowing who is taking our plants, all we can do is hope that it won't continue. JPa have worked hard in that garden (even digging in manure!) and are really looking forward to and deserve to get to harvest the plants later in the year.

So if you can all cross your fingers with JPa that would be much appreciated

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