Sunday, 9 November 2014

An amazing harvest

This harvest took place in September 2014. This meant the JPa had a new tutor group, the year 9's of last year had moved onto to upper school and the new group are currently year 8.
Well what a great way to get the new students hooked on the garden project. the first job that they had to do was pick tomatoes, dig potatoes and cut off courgettes, these lucky young people got to reap the benefits of the last years tutors hard work.

We could not have been happier with this amazing harvest. There were lots of different types of courgettes, green, orange, yellow and white. Long, short, round and frilly! We had so many tomatoes and these pictures are just the last ones that were harvested. The green tomatoes were soon red because we put them on a sunny window sill to ripen up.

We are thinking that once again we will make the potato wedges because the students liked them so much, and the other vegetables might go to staff as the students were impressed with them, but not that keen to eat them (no surprises there).

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