Sunday, 9 November 2014

Grandiose plans

September 2013
After the success in 2012 JPa had many plans to get back in the garden, and started seedlings out in the classroom on the window sills. To me it was clear that we had far too many seedlings for our 8X8ft plot, so after talking to Mr Rodd we developed a vague plan to sell any surplus plants to the other tutor groups, hoping the funds raised might pay for the potting compost used.

We had an array of courgette plants to sew (black beauty's, yellow scallops, patty pans, long ones, round ones frilly edged ones!) and with the Morrison's vouchers the school bought some runner bean, carrot and tomato seeds.

Well after putting out our beans and peas and having every single one of them eaten by slugs and snails (except for one lonely pea pod) suddenly we didn't have too many seedlings, there was plenty of room on the plot to accommodate the plants.

What was left of 15 plants after the slugs and snails went to town:

We could now only cross our fingers for the next batch of seedlings and hope the slugs and snails have had their fill.

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