Sunday, 9 November 2014

Enjoying the havest

Before the summer holidays JPa pulled up carrots, beetroot and radishes. Dug up a few new potatoes and left the rest the mature. We also had a few courgettes. We had the problem of water throughout the summer holidays, thankfully a member of the caretakers offered to water for us if he had the time. all we could do was cross our fingers and hope.

When we came back in September, the plants were looking a little bit worse for ware and dry but there were alive, and we did have a few tomatoes, a lonely courgette and an abundance of potatoes!

We decided to make potato wedges and have a small class party so that the students can taste what they have grown and a way to show how great they have been this year.
I scrubbed the potatoes clean, sliced them, and coated them in a little bit of vegetable oil, garlic and rosemary. I part baked the wedges in the afternoon so that they would not go grey and because there would not be enough time to get them cooked before tutor time in the morning. Mr P put them into the oven when he arrived at school the next day to finish cooking them, when the students came in for tutor time the wedges we hot and ready for serving. We supplied some orange juice and tomato ketchup too. Mr P played some music and everyone seemed to have a really nice time

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