Monday, 3 November 2014

The scarecrow

When JPa were told that the gardens would also be judged on appearance they began thinking of ways to make their garden look good and stand out from the rest. After some wild suggestions (water feature being the most interesting) we chose to do a scarecrow, this was voted on by the tutor group after some suggestions had to be turned down due to them being unfeasible.

JPa all started designs for what the scare crow should look like, how it would be made and what it would be called. After researching how to make a scarecrow, we found out that to make a scarecrow you need a T shaped frame, which you then 'dress up' with old clothes, then stuff the clothes with straw to pad it out.

There are a few different ways to make the face of a scarecrow, but JPa decided that the best looking faces were made by stuffing nylon tights with toy stuffing and sewing buttons on for the eyes.

Mr Linford helped us out by making us a frame, and with a lot of help from me, JPa had a scarecrow. With some old clothes destined for the charity shop we dressed the scarecrow, tied the garments with string at the end of arms and legs etc. and stuffed the shirt and trousers with straw.

I stuffed the foot of a pair of nylon tights and sewed a nose and buttons for eyes onto the front, and with some squashing and squishing I managed to get the lumpy stuffed tights to resemble a head with a face, pop on a hat and tada! You have got yourself scarecrow, easy peasy!

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