Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Leafmould is a brilliant soil replenishment. Used on its own makes a brilliant compost to plant seeds in, dug into the plot brings nourishment and mixed with sharp sand makes good potting compost. The best bit about leafmould is it is free!

Basically collect lots of leave that fall from trees in autumn and store them, slightly damp for two years either in holey bin bags or in a purpose made compost bin (it needs to be aerated so a compost bin like the council sell might not be ideal) using chicken wire or something similar nailed around a wooden frame. After the two years are up the leaves should have rotted down nicely and are ready for use.

The best leaves to use (because they rot down quickest) are Oak, Beech and Hornbeam. I'm not sure about the other trees, but I know for certain there are Oak trees on school property and we walk underneath one on the way to the OC.

I think I need to have a word with the 'powers that be' if this can be done, either somewhere we can store/hide away the bin bags or maybe convince Resistant materials so make us a leafmould bin. Cross your fingers for me.

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