Monday, 3 November 2014

Getting started

Well luckily for us, JPa were interested in the idea, and we soon had ideas coming forth for garden plans.
First things first we outlined the project to the students explaining what it was all about. This started discussion about what we could plant and how JPa wanted the garden to look. Were we going to grow edible plants, flowers, or what? It soon became clear that the students were eager to plant things that they could eat, this soon became quite a long list.

The next step was to see how to grow these plants, we needed to find out if they were suitable for our time frame and plot size. With a helping hand for our friend 'google' we soon narrowed down our list. Once we had a more realistic idea of plants to sow, we made a garden plan.

The students decided that dividing the garden up into sections was the best way to make the garden look good as well as make it easy to maintain and care for. After a few ideas and then a vote it was decided that the garden would be divided into a grid of 9 squares.

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